Past YPS Articles

The following articles were written by YPS members and published in the AAEM bi-monthly newsletter Common Sense.


Vetting FOAM (PDF) May/June 2017
Five Tips for Teaching When Time is Limited (PDF) January/February 2017
Hypertension Management in Stroke Patients: A Quick Update (PDF) January/February 2017


Just Say Yes – or No – What Is a Young Physician to Do? (PDF) November/December 2016
Young Physicians Section 2015-2016 Wrap Up (PDF) May/June 2016


Tap into Your Network & Start a Dialogue: Twitter for EPs (PDF) November/December 2015
Resources for Young Physicians (PDF) July/August 2015
Does This Sound Familiar? (PDF) May/June 2015
The White Coat Investor — Tips for Young Physicians (PDF) March/April 2015
Point of Care Ultrasound: Have We Gone Too Far? (PDF) January/February 2015


Save Any Lives Recently? A New Grad's Reflection on the Words of the Wisest (PDF) November/December 2014
Something is Missing from AAEM (PDF) September/October 2014
Infants & Toddlers in the ED: Beyond Popsicles and Stickers (PDF) July/August 2014
Why Don’t EM Physicians Reproduce? (PDF) May/June 2014
Five Reasons Why This Year's Scientific Assembly was the Best Ever for YPS (PDF) March/April 2014
Cooling Fever Phobia (PDF) - January/February 2014


Decision Rules are for Wimps; I Don’t Need No Stinking Decision Rule! (PDF) November/December 2013
(Un-)Advice for the New Graduate (PDF) – July/August 2013
A&O x 3? - President's Message (PDF) – May/June 2013
Walk This Way, Doc This Way — There is More Than One Way to Care for a Patient. This Month: Chest Pain (PDF) – May/June 2013
Thank You! – March/April 2013
So You Want Me to Give a Lecture? – January/February 2013


Implications of the ACA Ruling for Young EM Physicians – September/October 2012
How to Deal with Difficult Consultants – July/August 2012
Drug Shortages: Advocacy in Action – May/June 2012
People Power – March/April 2012
Someone to Lean On – March/April 2012
A Vision for the Future of YPS – January/February 2012

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