Young Physicians Section Board of Directors Election

Voting for the 2018 Young Physicians Section (YPS) board of directors election is now closed.

The nomination period for AAEM’s Young Physicians Section (YPS) board of directors opens in the fall of each year. These positions give interested individuals the opportunity to become involved with the leadership and development of this section in AAEM.  Members of YPS are encouraged to review the list of positions below and submit a nomination before the February 5, 2018 deadline. Only YPS members may run for the board and vote. In addition, those in their final year of accredited emergency residency or fellowship training may be nominated for an at-large board member position. Encourage your colleagues to join YPS today!

All candidates for a position on the board of directors should plan on participating in regular conference calls which last approximately one hour (usually held once a quarter). One mandatory in-person board meeting will be held during the 24th Annual AAEM Scientific Assembly in San Diego, CA, April 7-11, 2018. Board members should plan on being actively involved on a regular basis and should be highly motivated towards the development of this section. All board members are expected to submit at least one article to Common Sense and regularly participate in the YPS CV Review service and mentoring program.

The AAEM/YPS board of directors will take their posts at the start of the 24th Annual Scientific Assembly. The term of all positions shall be approximately one year. Voting for positions will be completed by online ballot February 27 - March 16, 2018.

The following board of director positions are open annually for nominations:

Executive Committee:

  • President - Responsible for guidance of the section and leading the YPS board of directors.
  • Vice President - Assists the president in guiding the section and leading the board of directors.
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Controls YPS finances and maintains the budget.

At-Large Board Members:

  • Four at-large board positions are available on the YPS board of directors.  In addition to attending board meetings, each at-large member will be required to serve as a committee chair. For more information about committees, click here.
Last updated: March 19, 2018