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  • Are you studying for the emergency medicine boards? 
  • Looking for a fun, interactive, high yield way to review emergency medicine pearls? 
  • Are you a faculty member looking for a way to teach on shift?
  • Are you a medical student looking to prepare for your EM rotation?
  • Want a source of 1,000 questions that covers all of ABEM’s core content?

EM Flash Facts – Get Yours Today!

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AAEM Young Physicians Section (YPS) membership is open to all emergency medicine residency-trained Fellow-in-Training, Associate or Full Voting members of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine who are within the first seven years of professional practice after residency or fellowship training. Learn more about YPS member benefits. If you are already an AAEM member and would like to join the AAEM YPS, please click here

The AAEM EM Flash Facts app is available for purchase by non-members for $9.99 in the iTunes Store. 


Whether preparing for your EM boards, your EM rotation as a medical student or wanting to have a fast, easy way to teach on a shift as faculty, then the AAEM has the app for you - AAEM’s EM Flash Facts!

  • Study on the go, during a shift, or anywhere life takes you with this fun & interactive app.  
  • Review high yield EM board pearls that correlate with American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM)’s Model of Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine.
  • Cover all of ABEM’s 20 topics! The number of questions per topic correlates with the relative weight given to it by ABEM. 
  • Dive into a total of 1,000 questions! 

The fun design keeps studying interesting. Do you want to review a specific board review area? The AAEM EM Flash Facts app lets you pick your topic of choice, whether it be Cardiovascular Disorders, Trauma, or anything else! Want a smorgasbord of topics? Hit the “view all questions” icon for a random assortment of EM board review questions. Use the “flag” icon to identify any questions you’d like to review later.

This resource will become a staple for EM board review, EM rotations, and a resident favorite while teaching on a shift.


Correlates with ABEM’s Model of Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine with the number of questions correlating to the relative weight given to the different topics in the EM Model.


Last updated: September 26, 2015